March 24, 2021

A lesson in sale-ing ⛵️

Without consistent sales growth, a company will crash and burn.

This is not rocket science. But sometimes up-and-coming businesses don’t have the in-house resources to focus on preventing total collapse – this is where Sales Xceleration comes in.

“We focus on strategy, sales process, sales management and, then, hiring,” says founder Scott Siegel.

Sales Xceleration understands that sometimes company leaders don’t have the time to focus on implementing the strategies that are necessary for continual sales growth and development, so Siegel provides outsourced sales consultants to small businesses and mid-sized corporations that are in need of assistance.

The company’s main priority is helping businesses that are struggling in the following areas:

·  Declining or stagnant sales

·  Growing too fast with no sales process or procedures in place

·  A desire to have someone else handle sales

·  Not knowing the right strategy or where to start to create one

·  A lack of time to efficiently manage a sales team

Some of the insight and instruments they offer include sales strategy with a multi-year revenue forecast and sales goals, sales management with sales and activity templates and tools, and a hiring plan which includes help with executing sales personnel hiring and onboarding.

Sometimes you need help hiring the right people.

Hiring the right people for a job is fundamental, and sometimes companies need help with that. Even companies that help other companies succeed.

“We use a behavioral assessment test called PXT Select,” says Siegel. He says that partnering with PXT Select has provided the company with a win. “It helps identify the right salespeople that fit within a company’s culture. When you’re hiring somebody, especially in a small company, culture is really everything.”

PXT Select gives Sales Xceleration an in-depth assessment of job candidates in order to fill the gap between their resume and interview. It not only matches people with positions that they’re likely to enjoy the most and perform the best at, but the test also gives a clear picture of the candidates’ behaviors, interests, and thinking styles.

Additionally, it pinpoints ways to improve performance and maximize an individual’s contribution to the organization they’re interviewing with. All of this is integral to building a strong company culture, and therefore reducing turnover and boosting employee engagement.

Don’t underestimate the power of reporting.

To take it a step further, PXT Select offers a selection of reports that are accessible to the employer and can be used during and after the hiring process. A few examples include… 

  • Comprehensive Selection Report, which determines whether or not a candidate is a good fit by tailoring interview questions and giving the hiring manager tips on what to look for during an interview.
  • Performance Model Report that helps the employer understand the range of traits that ultimately make somebody most likely succeed in the position they’re hiring for.
  • Coaching Report, which gives coaching advice that is tailored to each employee.
  • Leadership Report that provides insight into how a candidate leads and also aids with leadership development based on a person’s characteristics and strengths.
  • Team Report that assesses how a potential hire might fit in with a current team.
  • Sales Reports, which offer a look at important sales practices as well as help organizations hire, build, and manage sales teams. Helping put together sales teams is the bread and butter of what Sales Xceleration offers to clients, so this report is especially helpful.

“What we do is we go in and we do the interviewing, we give the behavioral assessment test, and we also do the onboarding to make sure the new hire is properly onboarded in the organization,” says Siegel. PXT Select plays a crucial role in this. Partnering with PXT Select has not only enriched business for Sales Xceleration, but for each of the companies that Sales Xceleration works with. Talk about a win-win.

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