January 9, 2021

A Multimillion Dollar Biz Using Pen and Paper

In 2015, Josh Conatser suddenly realized that, after four years in business, he was running a multimillion dollar construction company with pen and paper. 

Conatser was savvy in two pillars of MyPro Construction: Roofing and Insurance Restoration. But previous experience working with his father in a State Farm Insurance office and a few years on a roofing crew hadn’t exactly equipped Conatser with the most sophisticated customer relation management system (CRM). As MyPro entered the second decade of the 21st Century, Conatser was still jotting down everything in spiral notebooks and manilla folders, which he carried with him from site to site in his truck.

It’s time to stop doing things the way you were taught

“That’s the way I was taught,” says Conatser. “When it was just two or three individuals in the company, we didn’t need that many eyes on the paperwork. And quite honestly, I didn’t know any better. We never really thought about it. You get stuck in a routine. But significant difficulties arise when you’re running on a 1982 information platform in the 2000s.”

Those difficulties only mounted as MyPro grew from a three-person operation to a thriving contractor juggling multiple crews doing everything from servicing warranties to repairs. In 2015, Conatser and a newly hired COO decided to make a significant investment in streamlining operations. He purchased and implemented a new state-of-the-industry construction CRM and project management software.

“It completely transformed MyPro’s systems and processes,” says Conatser. “It’s now the brain and hub of MyPro. It was a big move at the time, but now I could not imagine operating without that system.”

After a few months of integration, the team quickly got the hang of the new software, which tracks every project from the moment it appears on MyPro’s radar throughout every stage of the process. The program compiles leads and inquiries and schedules regular follow-up calls. Employees create detailed reports on each inspection and estimate with insurance adjusters. Then, once hired, they record the materials ordered and services rendered. Back in the office, the operations manager can coordinate production. And when the project manager clicks “work complete,” the program automatically sends a reminder to the office manager to call in an inspection by the appropriate municipal agency. The software even keeps tabs on outstanding invoices and status of payment.

Transitioning from paper to digital

Every scrap of paper is also scanned into the system and backed up three or four times. And for the record, MyPro still keeps paper copies of everything in a fireproof vault.

But an interesting thing happened along MyPro’s technological leap forward. The new system not only made the company more efficient, but it also altered the company culture. Suddenly knowing where everyone was and what they were doing provided an added layer of accountability. And that opened the door for Conatser to re-evaluate and re-emphasize MyPro’s mission and code of ethics.

Now, every Monday morning at 7 a.m., MyPro’s leadership team goes to the CRM software and pulls KPI reports—key performance indicators. And from those, MyPro’s leadership team has the ability to talk about what the company is doing right and what could use some attention and possible areas of opportunity and improvement. Then MyPro sends the appropriate crew out into the field to tackle the workweek ahead.

What are you doing to make yourself stand out?

“There are literally thousands of roofing contractors in the metroplex,” says Conatser. “What are you going to do to make yourself stand out? No one thinks about ethics anymore. I know that sounds simple, but it’s almost a lost part of business models today. Most companies primarily focus on money and not the people within the company and who they are. Ethics hold everyone accountable; holds the team accountable. If you don’t have ethics in place, you’re just another roofing company.”

“After years of round-table discussion with MyPro’s leadership team and council, our Company Culture was established and graphically illustrated to provide a firm foundation of how MyPro hires, fires, opporates, markets and performs in all areas of our industry. It brings contagious energy and enjoyment to our team, customers, key network partners and suppliers!”

MyPro construction company culture graphic outlining their mission, vision, core values, and team focus.

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