March 24, 2021

A little bit of Hart goes a long way

Jonathan Hart always dreamed of owning his own business. He just wasn’t sure of what that would be.

Hart got his start by working in retail management for nearly a decade. It was over this nine-year span where he learned the ins and outs of business operations. “The company that I worked for basically allowed us to run the store like it was our own business,” he says. “So, they taught us about human resources, budgeting, payroll, and then how to do your displays, customer retention, all that stuff. Because of that, it really trained me to pursue my dream, which was always to own my own business.”

From a 70-hour work week in retail…

Eventually the 70-hour work weeks took their toll on Hart. “I had no life,” he says. “I worked every holiday, it was draining. I don’t regret it in hindsight because of the experience that I gained. But at the time, I was a single guy and I wanted to get married and have a family. I didn’t know how I was going to incorporate that into this crazy schedule.”

And so, he changed his direction.

“I just kind of stepped out in faith and I resigned and started doing contract work,” he says.

…to a fresh start in the construction industry

Hart did odds and ends construction work, like painting and restoration cleanup until a friend approached him with an offer. “He told me he was starting a roofing company,” he says. “And he asked if I’d be interested in coming on as a sales rep.”

“I had told him my vision,” he says. “About how I was exploring avenues of starting my own business, and how I didn’t know what it was going to be yet. Like, it may be roofing, but I didn’t know anything about that. And he said: ‘Just come on, come sell for us and we’ll teach you everything you need to know.’”

And so, he did. And he learned a lot while working there.

As the company grew, and began restructuring, Hart took another leap of faith and stepped out on his own. “I launched Hart Construction about six years ago,” he says. “And the rest is kind of history.”

The Genesis of Hart Construction

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Hart Construction is based out of Argyle, Texas and they service the DFW Metroplex. “We specialize in storm restoration,” says Hart. “So, if someone gets hit with wind or hail, we can come in and basically do all the restoration within the insurance claim, so the roof, the gutters, windows, fencing, garage doors. We’re kind of a turnkey general contractor.”

While there’s plenty of competition in this industry, Hart says they have taken extra steps to guarantee they exceed client expectations. One thing he says that sets them apart from the competition is their strong digital presence.

“When we’re working with a client, all of the staff has an iPad,” he says. “So, we’re doing everything digitally, through email and through DocuSign. We’re state of the art.”

He says everything they do is tracked through a CRM app, which helps keep the company streamlined. “So, what that means is that at any moment, even if I just have my cell phone, I can work,” he says. “Everything is completely digital and in digital clouds and databases. It makes us very different. So, if somebody were to call me and say: ‘Hey, you guys did a roof install for us three years ago and I have a question,’ I can pull their file and everything that happened in that claim with my phone.”

Why being digital savvy sets them apart

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Being digital savvy also means the company has a sleek website and strong social media presence.

“Several years ago, there was a hailstorm that hit, and it caused a lot of damage,” he says. “I made one simple post on our Facebook and basically just let people know that we’ll be out in the community, helping put up emergency tarps to prevent any leaks, and if anybody would like to schedule a free inspection, shoot me a direct message.” He says within hours they had over 200 appointment requests.

 “We ended up converting over 60 percent of those appointments,” he says. “So, it was an amazing year for us. And that just proves the power of social media.”

He says they also stay up with current social media trends, and that Instagram and Facebook stories have been an effective way of sharing information about the business. “That way we’re keeping our audience’s attention while being creative and fun.”

Hart Construction continues to use the internet as a way to achieve success, whether by streamlining communication with clients or promoting their services. And this is what sets them apart.

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